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Part H Reading Comprehension ( 40 points)

Directions: in this part There are 4 passages followed by questions or unfinished statements, each with four suggested answers marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one you think is the best answer, then mark the corresponding letter in the Answer Sheet with a single line through the center.

Passage 1

Love really is blind when it comes to physical flaws, it would seem.

A research conducted by Social Studies Center in University of Hawaii at Manoa suggests that when we love someone, we tend to overlook their crooked noses, big tummies or other attributes that might put others off. As a result, husbands and wives think their other halves are more attractive than they really are. No wonder Chinese has the saying that" Beauty lies in the beholder's eyes". This phenomenon could also help explain some physically mis-matched couples such as the glamorous Beyonce and Jay-Z, the striking Lara Stone and David Walliams.

The so-called "positive illusion" theory comes from an experiment in which researchers asked 70 couples to rate their other halves for attractiveness. Questions included how attractive their husband,wife, boyfriend or girlfriend was to the opposite sex, and how they rated compared with others of the same age. The answers were kept secret to prevent any partners being upset and distressed. Some of those taking parts also rated photos of their partners. In addition, members of the public judged the looks of all 140 men and women taking part.

The results revealed that couples view their other halves as being better looking than they really are.

Even asking them to rate pictures of their partners did not give them a reality check, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships reports。

With previous studies finding that we view our loved ones as being kinder and more intelligent than they actually are, it does seem that love is blind in all sorts of ways. Those studied were young and had been together on average for just two and a half years. The researchers said that more work is needed to see if those in long marriages are still blind to their partner's physical flaws.

21. Which of the following is the correct interpretation of the first paragraph?

A。 When people are in love, they are unable to see things that are obvious to others。

B. People in love tend to be unaware of physical weakness of their partners.

C。 To those who are physically weak, they do not notice love。

D. When speaking of physical flaws, love is not reasonable.

22。 The phrase"put。--off" in the second paragraph means__________。

A。 postpone

B。 lose one's interest

C. get off

D。 disturb or distract

23. Which of the following might NOT be the question of the experiment mentioned in paragraph three?

A. How attractive is the one you love?

B. How do you rate the photo of the one you love?

C. How attractive is the one you love to the opposite sex?

D. How attractive is your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is to the opposite sex?

24。 What does the sentence" Even asking them to rate pictures of their partners did not give them a reality check…" in paragraph four imply?

A。 Rating the photos of their other halves did not help people to face the reality。

B. When asked to rate the photos of their partners, people did not check the reality.

C. When asked to do the photo-rating for their partners, people did not have an opportunity to see the reality.

D。 Love clouds people's judgment that they were still unable to rate their partners' photos in a reasonable and objective way。

25。 What is the best title for this passage?

A。 Love and Physical Flaw

B. How People View Their Partners

C。 Love is Blind

D. Researches on Love

Passage 2

Is there enough oil beneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge(保护区) (ANWR) to help secure America's energy future? PresidentObama certainly thinks so. He has argued that tapping ANWR's oil would help ease California's electricity crisis and increase the country's energy independence, thus reducing its oil reliance on other countries. But no one knows for sure how much Crude oil lies buried beneath the frozen earth.

The oil industry goes with the high end of the range, which could equal as much as 10% ofU. S. consumption for as long as six years. By pumping more than 1 million barrels a day from the reserve for the next two or three decades, lobbyists claim, the nation could cut back on imports equivalent to(等于)all shipments to the U.S. from Saudi Arabia. An oil increase would also mean a multibillion-dollar windfall (意外之财) in tax revenues, royalties (开采权使用费)and leasing fees for Alaska and the Federal Government. Best of all, advocates of drilling say, damage to the environment would be insignificant." We've never had a document case of oil rig chasing deer out onto the pack ice." Says Alaska State Representative Scott Ogan.

Not so fast, say environmentalists。 The National Resources Defense Council says there may be no more than 3。2 billion barrels of oil in the coastal plain of ANWR, a drop in the bucket that would do virtually nothing to ease America's energy problems。 And consumers would wait up to a decade to gain any benefits, because drilling could begin only after much bargaining。 As for ANWR's impact on the California power crisis, environmentalists point out that oil is responsible for only 1% of the Golden State's electricity output and just 3% of the nation's。

26. What does President Obama think of tapping oil in ANWR?

A. It will exhaust the nation's oil reserves.

B. It will help secure the future of ANWR.

C. It will help reduce the nation's oil imports.

D。 It will increaseAmerica's energy consumption。

27. We learn from the second paragraph that the American oil industry

A. believes that drilling for oil in ANWR will produce high yields

B。 tends to exaggerateAmerica's reliance on foreign oil

C. shows little interest in tapping oil in ANWR

D. expects to stop oil imports from Saudi Arabia

28. Those against oil drilling in ANWR argue that __________.

A。 it can cause serious damage to the environment

B. it can do little to solve U.S. energy problems

C. it will drain the oil reserves in the Alaskan region

D. it will not have much commercial value

29. What do the environmentalists mean by saying" Not so fast"in the third paragraph?

A. Oil exploitation takes a long time.

B. The oil drilling should be delayed.

C. Don't be too optimistic.

D. Don't expect fast returns.

30. It can be learned from the passage that oil exploitation beneath ANWR's frozen earth__________.

A。 remains a controversial issue

B. is expected to get under way soon

C。 involves a lot of technological problems

D. will enable the U.S. to be oil independent

Passage 3

If the population of the earth goes on increasing at its present rate, there will eventually not be enough resources left to keep our lives on the planet. By the middle of the 21st century, if present trends continue, we will have used up all the oil that drives our cars. Even if scientists develop new ways of feeding the human race, the crowded conditions on earth will make it necessary for us to look for open space somewhere else. But none of the other planets in our solar system are capable of supporting life at present. One possible solution to the problem, however, has recently been suggested by American scientist, Professor Carl Sagan.

Sagan believes that before the earth's resources are completely used up it will be possible to change the atmosphere of Venus and so create a new world almost as large as earth itself. The difficulty is that Venus is much hotter than the earth and there is only a tiny amount of water there. Sagan proposes that algae (藻类) organisms that can live in extremely hot or cold atmospheres and at the same time produce oxygen, should be bred in condition similar to those on Venus. As soon as this has been done, the algae will be placed in small rockets. Spaceship will then fly to Venus and fire the rockets into the atmosphere.

In a fairly short time, the algae will break down the carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon.

When the algae have done their work, the atmosphere will become cooler, but before man ban set foot on Venus it will be necessary for the oxygen to produce rain. The surface of the planet will still be too hot for man to land on it but the rain will eventually fall and in a few years something like earth will be reproduced on Venus.

31. In the long run, the most insoluble problem caused by population growth on earth will probably be the lack of__________.

A. food

B。 oil

C. space

D。 resources

32. Carl Sagan believes that Venus might be colonized from earth because__________.

A。 it might be possible to change its atmosphere

B. its atmosphere is the same as the earth's

C. there is agood supply of water on Venus

D. the days on Venus are long enough

33. On Venus there is a lot of

A。 water

B. carbon dioxide

C. carbon monoxide

D。 oxygen

34. Algae are plants that can

A. live in very hot temperatures

B. live in very cold temperatures

C. manufacture oxygen

D。 all of the above

35。 Man can land on Venus only when

A. the algae have done their work

B. the atmosphere becomes cooler

C。 there is oxygen

D. it rains there

Passage 4

Material culture refers to the touchable, material" things"--physical objects that can be seen, held,felt, used--that a culture produces. Examining a nation's material culture can tell us about the group's history and way of life. Similarly, research into the material culture of music can help us understand the music culture. The most vivid way, of course, is musical instruments. We cannot hear for ourselves the actual sound of any musical performance before the 1870s when the phonograph was invented, so we rely on instruments for important information about music culture, their remote past and their development.

Here we have two kinds of evidence: instruments well preserved and pictures of instruments in art。

Through the study of instruments, as well as preserved paintings, written documents, and so on, we can explore the movement of music from the Near East to China over a thousand years ago, or we can outline the spread of the influence of the eastern countries to Europe that results in the development of most of the instruments on the symphony orchestra.

Sheet music or printed music, too is material culture. Printed versions limit variety because they tend to standardize any song, yet folk music stimulates people to create new and different songs. Besides,the ability to read music notation (乐谱) has a far-reaching effect on musicians and, when it becomes widespread, on the music culture as a whole.

One more important part of music's material culture is the influence of the electronic media-radio,record player, tape recorder, television, and video cassette, with the future promising talking and singing computers and other developments。 This is all part of the" information revolution," a twentieth century phenomenon as important as the industrial revolution was in the nineteenth。 These electronic media are not just limited to modern nations;they have affected music cultures all over the globe。 They have brought about changes to traditional music instruments。

36. Research into the material culture of a nation is of great importance because__________.

A. it helps produce new cultural tools and technology

B. it can reflect the way of life of the nation

C. it helps understand the nation's past and present as well as its way of life

D。 it can demonstrate the nation's civilization

37. It can be learned from the second paragraph that__________.

A. the existence of the symphony was attributed to the spread of Near Eastern and Chinese Music

B。 Near Eastern music had influence on the instruments in the symphony orchestra

C. the development of the symphony shows the mutual influence of Eastern and Western Music

D。 the musical instruments in the symphony based on that of Near Eastern music

38. According to the author, music notation is important because__________.

A。 it has a great effect on the music culture as more and more people are able to read it

B。 it tends to standardize folk songs when it is used by folk musicians

C. it is the printed version of standardized folk music

D. it encourages people to popularize printed versions of songs

39. It can be concluded from the passage that the introduction of electronic media into the world of music__________.

A. has brought about an information revolution

B。 has speeded up the arrival of a new generation of computers

C. has given rise to new forms of music culture

D. has led to the transformation of traditional musical instruments

40. Which of the following best summarized the main idea of the passage?

A. Musical instruments developed through the years will sooner or later be replaced by computers.

B。 Music cannot be passed on to future generation unless it is recorded。

C. Folk songs cannot spread far unless they are printed on music sheets.

D. The development of music culture is highly dependent on its material aspect.


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